Flyer for our next clinic in the ATL

The Wayne Buckingham Youth Clinic established its first camp in summer of 2000 in Wayne’s hometown of Bedford County. Since then the camp has expanded its reach to several States across the Southeast section of the United States.

Buckingham created the clinic to teach the fundamentals of basketball and the importance of being a team player through the basic skills of basketball. This travelling Youth Clinic invites current and former professional and collegiate players and coaches to speak to the youth about everything from being a model citizen to the imortance of healthy eating.

In past years, Elden Campbell, Dale Davis, Shandon Anderson, and James Forest, to name a few, have been featured speakers at the clinic.

The speakers also serve as mentors in Wayne’s Aim High program which was created to show kids about excellence in hard work, and the importance of never limiting your dreams or aspirations,

At the end of the clinic each child is represented with a certificate of achievement and a t-shirt as a reminder of what they have learned.

Click here to learn more about bringing the W.A.B. Sports Clinic to your neighborhood YMCA or Boyz and Girls Club.


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